Production Companies

DAMAGE CONTROL FILMPRODUCTION is a Manhattan-based independent production company founded in 2002 by Michael Yanko and David W. Leitner to produce low-budget features that place innovative technologies in the hands of experienced directors.  In 2002, Damage Control produced “The Technical Writer” (Tatum O’Neal, William Forsythe, Michael Harris, Pamela Gordon), directed by Scott Saunders, which premiered in competition at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

HORIZEN GLOBAL PRODUCTIONS , a New York-based production company, seeks to engage talented artists with projects that provoke thought about the very essence of humanity.  Its mission is to touch, move and inspire people to be aware and conscious of themselves and the world around them. With funding from the secure collateral of hard assets, specifically real estate, Horizen Global Productions plans to produce two to three projects per year with critically acclaimed and experienced directors, featuring a high-caliber cast. Horizen believes that the success of films not only rests on a captivating and powerful story, but also on the drive, determination and dedication of the people behind it.

QUASIWORLD ENTERTAINMENT is an independent production company founded in 2004 by filmmakers and life-long friends Eli Gonda and Chris Huddleston, to provide imaginative and talented storytellers with the resources necessary to bring to life original ideas for the screen, stage, and living room. QuasiWorld is presently developing the motion picture “Leaving Greenville” and the theatrical production “Women with a History of Anything.” Through a strategic relationship with Lexington Entertainment Group, QuasiWorld has preferred access to foreign distribution (Aura Entertainment), digital cinema/postproduction services (Post Logic) and digital effects/computer graphics interface house (Creo).

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